As reported in the December 2019 issue of Marina World

In November 2018, F3 Marina – a division of Milwaukee-based Founders 3 Real Estate – bought SunDance Marine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a 1.3-acre facility with 390ft (119m) of waterfront that had been closed since 2009. F3 Marina looked past the dereliction and envisaged a vibrant new drystack with clean lines and up-to-the-minute automation.

“We were actually looking for a site for Argentinean clients and, when they declined to buy it, we reckoned it was way too good a piece of land to ignore,” explains F3 Marina senior vice president Alain Giudice. “We were already operating a successful, efficient drystack three blocks to the eat [The Port Marina] so had a feel for the location and were very excited about it. It would fill a market gap for local boat owners and introduce a beautiful building instead of an eyesore.”

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